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MNHP can offer new ways of expanding your existing product line, and creative ways to capitalize on the rapidly growing nutritional supplement industry. Responsible leadership has been the key to MNHP’s growth. Our trained staff understands the importance of building relationships by earning the trust of our customers, through consistent performance, reliable products and support.

MNHP offers you:

- Custom Product Formulation

Millenium has collaborated with countless numbers of clients to formulate custom nutritional supplements to meet of all their needs. Our product development services enables our clients to create new products in various forms made from a variety of active ingredients.

- Custom Powder Blending
We have high–capacity-speed V-blenders which are able to process your custom order in an accurate and prompt manner. Our trained staff will assist you with the production of your formulation to customize an entire new product or line. Also, our technicians continually check your order throughout the production process to assure the custom blending meets the highest standards as set forth by the FDA.

- R & D
Millenium is dedicated to the research, development, manufacturing and worldwide distribution of first-class nutritional products. We accommodate our clients with custom formulations that will continue to help people improve their lives with supplements that really make a difference.

- Export Documentation
By providing our customers with the necessary export certificates and all documentation is just another way MNHP can diversify and grow your business. Our professional export team will prepare your Dossiers (required for exporting to Central and South America, as well as Europe).The Dossiers are prepared in English or Spanish when required, and presented in an elegant and professional format fulfilling all requirements for export.

Documentation offered by Millenium to support the product registration in different countries:

• Certificate of Free Sale.
• Certificate of Good Manufacturing Practices.

Our dossiers for export consist of:
• Certificate of Manufacture.
• Manufacturing Procedures.
• Certificate of Analysis.
• Dosage, Warnings & Directions.
• Identification Method (According to USP) .
• Quantitative Formula.
• Label information - Presentation.
• Bibliography.


Our Millenium’s Quality Assurance Policy is based on approved specifications, quality standards and requirements of the United States Pharmacopeia.

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