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We offer a total solution “turn key” package for nutritional and OTC product marketers. Simply tell us your needs! Millenium can fulfill a specific need, or we can take you "every step of the way" from concept to sale.
In order to be able to customize your packaging requirements; we have a highly automated and well equipped packaging line. MNHP can provide you with a variety of labeling and package design options to fit your needs. We will certify that your labels meet FDA requirements and our Quality Control associates will continually monitor the packaging process in order to comply with the required finished goods quality.

General Operational Capacity:
• High speed rotary tablet compression machines.
• High speed fully automatic encapsulation machines.
• FDA compliant large volume V blenders.
• Automatic packaging lines.
• Cross-trained, multi-skilled personnel.

Production Capacity (per day):
• Tablet compression (5 million units)
• Encapsulation (2 million units)
• Tablet coating (1 million units)
• Powder blending (4,000 Kg)
• Bottling (60,000 units)

Packagingand Labeling



Our Millenium’s Quality Assurance Policy is based on approved specifications, quality standards and requirements of the United States Pharmacopeia.

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